Small. Secure. Cross-Platform.

Application Crash Log Generator and Symbolizer

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SmartCrashLog is tool for Delphi developers which helps locate bug/crash in your Application. SmartCrashLog supports MS Windows, macOS & Linux platform.


  • Small: SmartCrashLog adds to Application only small and simple runtime.
  • Secure: SmartCrashLog stores all debug information on Developer's PC.
  • Optimized: SmartCrashLog does perform compression on the deltas of debug infos.

Embedded Web-Server

SCL Manager launches embedded web-server to fast access and manage logs.

How it Works

  • SmartCrashLog replaces useless standard exception handler and generates full stack list, usefull system information and possibility to save, send or copy it.
  • On Developer machine SmartCrashLog generates and stores optimal way all required debug information per each "Release" build.
  • Using SCL Manager you may easy symbolize user's crash report to real source code line number and manage all crash-reports.


SmartCrashLog requires Embarcadero Delphi 10.3.x or higher